Independent Examinations

For the smaller charity not requiring an audit, we can offer an Independent Examination.

We would only recommend this where the charity is confident that it will not affect future funding, as an increasing number of local authorities and grant providers are requiring audited accounts.

We ensure your accounts are prepared in the correct format, relieve you of the regulatory burden, leaving you extra time to develop and expand your charity or not for profit organisation.

We have procedures and practices to ensure high quality service is delivered every time. Accounts are prepared on tailored formats, using Sage Accounts Production Advanced software. Accounts are prepared in accordance with the relevant legislation for your organisation.

An Independent Examination will include:

  • review of the accounting records kept by the charity
  • comparison of the accounts presented with those records
  • consideration of any unusual items or disclosures in the accounts

Why choose Jackson & Jackson for the Independent Examination?

Because we are qualified Chartered Certified Accountants, Charity Specialists and experienced Charity Independent Examiners. Beware of cheap examiners with no accountancy qualifications.