Payroll Services

Running a payroll can be complicated and diverts resources from the core activities of your charity or not for profit organisation.

Outsourcing this activity relieves the pressure and is a cost-effective solution. Even if you only have a few employees, you will make savings by engaging us to administer your payroll.

Confidentiality as regards staff pay levels means that charities and NFPs are asking us to run their payroll.

Our payroll service is tailored to your organisation. We can supply weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly payrolls or any other period. We can administer various types of service deductions eg pensions, student loans, reduced hours etc.

We provide telephone support at no extra charge for payroll matters.

In our basic payroll service we will:

  • Process the payroll and calculate SSP and SMP/SPP payments and other deductions (except pensions – see below) for you based on the information supplied to us. We will keep detailed records of these for PAYE inspection purposes.
  • Provide detailed payslips.
  • Complete the PAYE payslip for each month/quarter.
  • Process and submit P45s and P46s to HM Revenue & Customs.
  • Complete the year-end P35 Annual Return and produce P14s for submission to HM Revenue & Customs. Produce annual P60s for distribution to all your staff.
  • Complete and return all forms received from HM Revenue & Customs and DSS, such as applications for Tax Credit (except benefit return forms).

We can also:

  • Provide Security payslips.
  • Provide a payroll summary print.
  • Supply you with forms to record essential personnel information.
  • Provide details for you to complete payment to other bodies (e.g. Pension companies, Court Orders, Attachment of Earnings) for each month/quarter.
  • Produce and submit bank submission reports by the due date.
  • Make non-variable deductions for pension contributions in company pension schemes.
  • Produce a payroll journal for input into your accounting records.
  • Make variable deductions for Stakeholder pension and other variable company pension schemes, and supply a detailed payment analysis.